is Fun!
Everyday new discoveries are made. Different species are added to the book of knowledge. Unexplainable events and phenomena scientifically solved. News about scientific breakthroughs and other really cool stuff. Technological advances that were just science fiction a decade ago are now becoming a reality.

If you look at smartphones today, they are much more advanced than computers were a decade ago. No one would have through you can run a car on batteries, but now there are many on the roads today. Driver-less cars, going to the moon, and flying were all dreams that are now reality. Let's share our thoughts on science and technology.

Schools teach us science, but science should not be taught through blackboards, instead it should be a fun and interactive. Experiments and failures, oohhs and ahhhs are all part of the learning process in Science. Simple experiments that explain a larger scope of science. That is why we have created this site, this is a place where kids from all ages can have fun at the same time learn the wonders of science.

We have a wide array of experiments and how to keep safe from doing them. Please guide your children as they learn the best things about science. Don't forget to bookmark us and check out our updates once in a while.